Jun 24, 2019

Five Facts about Cats That You Might Not Know...

Hi, my name is Rebecca Rivard, and I write the award-winning Fada Shapeshifter Series. The fada are shapeshifters created from a mix of fae, human and animal genes who live in a world of dark shifters and dangerous fae. Think urban fantasy with a steamy romance.

In the Fada Shapeshifter Series, you'll find every kind of shifter from dolphins to wolves, but some of my favorite characters are the big cats in the Baltimore Earth Fada Clan. Keep reading for five fun facts about big cats!
  • Cougars can actually have blue or torquoise eyes, just like Marjani in Charming Marjani. Isn't this cat a beauty? 

  • Only four cats can actually roar: lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars. A lion's roar can get as loud as 114 decibels(!). 
  • And speaking of jaguars... Black panthers are actually a melanistic variation of two kinds of cats, leopards or jaguars. So, the two black panthers in Saving Jace (Jace and his niece Merry) are actually very dark, almost black jaguars. As I say in the book, if you look close enough, you can see the spots! 

  • Big cats can roar, but they don't purr. That's left to smaller cats like house cats, bobcats and cougars (who can be quite large but are classified with smaller cats because they purr). Kittens start purring as young as 2 days old, both to let mom know they're okay and also to help mom and kitten bond.
  • Cats hate water because their fur doesn't insulate well when they're wet. But jaguars are the exception. Found mainly in rainforests, jaguars are powerful swimmers, and river animals like fish, turtles and caimans are a major part of their diet.
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Hugs and enjoy the read!
~Rebecca Rivard