Jul 30, 2020

Savage Claim by Cecilia Lane


Kyla is on the run. Her best friend was just sold to the highest bidder, and she’s up next. But fate flings her into the path of the man she loved—and who left her to suffer.

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Hope Reclaimed by Liza Street


My name is Hope, and I'm going to die. With the two weeks I have left, my plans are simple:

1) relax on the beach
2) pass time with a worthless spell

Magic doesn't exist, so the spell fails. But three hotties start hanging around, saying they're bound to me...

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Wolf Shield by C.D. Gorri


Hudson Stormwolfe is a Guardian of Chaos. His order is tasked with keeping magic free, to ensure the flourishment of all beings through innovative thought and creativity, without fear of persecution. But what happens when a woman gets caught in the war between supernaturals?

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“You can just back the hell up!” she held up her hand in a feeble attempt to ward off the brute, “What the hell are you guys?” she asked again.
“You’re about to find out,” the biggest of the three reached out and grabbed her arm. 
He pulled and Fergie, being herself, slid on the slick asphalt. To keep from toppling forward, she had no choice but to grab onto her attacker with her free hand. When she looked down, she saw with growing horror that his skin was covered with green mottled scales and he was oozing some kind of slime. But that wasn’t what made her scream, it was the long gnarly claws that tipped his freakishly strong hands. 
“Ouch,” Fergie pulled back from him, shifting her weight too fast in her high heels. 
She fell backwards, landing on her ass, which of course, made her scream again. The asphalt was uneven and damn it, it was hard too. It stung even her plump bottom, but that still didn’t hurt as much as the three long scratches on her forearm. 
“I’m bleeding!” she shrieked once she realized he broke skin.
Red droplets welled up from the laceration and she suddenly felt woozy. She looked up and was confused. The giant reptile-man who’d just attacked her was flying.
Wait, not flying exactly. He was being lifted into the air, and, ooh, tossed away like the piece of trash he was! But what if whoever just attacked him was coming after her next? Fergie swallowed down her next scream and found the source of her assailant’s sudden airborne abilities. 
Holy hotness. She stole a quick glance at the man, all six and a half feet of him, that stood in a defensive position in front of her. The hiss of her remaining attackers had her eyes darting to them, but the resounding snarl coming from her rescuer brought it back to him.
Up and up she looked to search out the source of that ferocious sound. She wanted to see his face, to look into his eyes to determine if he was friend or foe. Fergie had to work to ignore the warm feeling that grew deep in the pit of her stomach as she first took in the pair of large, muddy boots. 
Those were followed by big, strong calves, and thick, muscular thighs encased in tight denim. She bit her tongue, glancing over the impossibly large bulge beneath the stranger’s fly, and allowed her gaze to travel even further up. She noted with giddy pleasure the rock hard abs, defined pecs, and bulging arms that were outlined to perfection in the thin white cotton t-shirt he wore. 
Finally, she got a look at her hero’s face. Fergie almost swallowed her tongue as her eyes met the glittering sapphire stare of the hottest guy she’d ever seen. Dark, short-cropped curls crowned his head, complete with a smattering of facial hair that seemed to thicken before her eyes. A trick of the light no doubt, but it was his rough-hewn features that made him all the more mouthwatering. 
The stranger seemed to growl at her, but she was positive he wasn’t hostile. Somehow, she knew he was there to help. Just like she knew out of all the men there, he was the deadliest.
“Are you okay?” he growled.

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Unleash the Darkness by Valerie Twombly


Created from light and dark, Sephtis is bound to both Heaven and Hell. Calling upon his reaper unleashes a power even demons fear. Only Evangeline keeps him from crossing over to total darkness.

When a stranger comes between the couple, the two angels become entangled in a web of evil that will put their love to the ultimate test.

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Eva? Seph didn’t want to believe what his gut... No. What his soul told him. His mate was gone. Where? He had no idea, but he knew who to ask. Rather than panic, he allowed his anger to bubble to the surface. He stopped outside his home, knowing there was no reason to go inside. Instead, he reopened the portal to Hell and dived in. When he landed, his boots cracked the ground under him. He reached out again.Evangeline? 

Only the groans of Hell greeted him.

With a snarl, he summoned his reaper. Rushed the transformation and welcomed his darker side. Once complete, he cut a path of destruction––leaving only blackened ground––straight to Lucifer. When he arrived, he fully expected to find the demon king sitting on a throne, but the room was as he had left it.

The box. 

He stormed to the box with every intention of smashing it against the rocks, but when he reached for it, he was knocked backward.

You cannot destroy me, Reaper. 

You took my mate. I want her back or I will destroy you. 

A cynical laugh.I did no such thing, but I will find out who did and thank them personally. They saved me the trouble. 

You’re a fucking liar. Not now! 

Lucifer laughed again.Perhaps it’s your mate’s soul you’re to collect this time. 

Seph curled his bony fingers together and punched the wall next to him. The room shook under his anger and the crystal cracked, but everything held. He went down a checklist of options and found he only had two. Neither of which he liked one fucking bit.

Leave his mate to whatever fate awaited her and stop Lucifer’s plan. Or cave and give Lucifer what he wanted. Trouble was, there was no guarantee Eva would be returned to him. Perhaps he should take a third option and call for reinforcements. Could the Maker find his mate?

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Jul 29, 2020

Next-Door Incubus by Destiny Diess

~ 99¢ SALE ~

Dani never expects to meet her hot neighbor for the first time wearing only her underwear. And she definitely never expects to dream of him as a demon...

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High Fae Academy by Kaylin Peyerk

~ 99¢ ~

Having powerful magic that draws you to your fated mate isn't all it's cracked up to be. . . At least not when there's five to choose from.

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What Fire Dragons Treasure by Cristina Rayne

~ NEW ~

Amber only wants to keep her son out of the reach of his abusive, politically-connected father. Dragon-shifter Raphek has no idea that helping them could trigger a war between humans and dragons. Love should be the last thing on their minds, but neither can deny the attraction igniting between them.

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Sedona Scandal by Lisa Kessler

~ NEW ~

Chandler Williams keeps his personal life very separate from his public life as a news anchor, but the story he's chasing right now has him on a collision course with not only exposing himself as a jaguar shifter, but potentially his entire Pack. He should drop it, but after meeting the woman with stormy silver eyes he can't turn back.

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Three Little Words by Tina Glasneck

When life gives you lemons, make a margarita!

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Silent Cravings by Jess Haines

~ NEW ~

What's a vampire to do when the werewolf she craves is playing hard to bite?

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Jul 24, 2020

Taming the Dragon Series by Tami Lund


From Detroit to New Orleans, these stubborn dragons refuse to believe they have fated mates... until they have no choice.

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book 1 ~ 99¢ SALE ~

Gabriel Wilde is a reluctant dragon leader and now, a reluctant dad. Since he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing, he enlists the aid of his trustworthy (and admittedly hot) PR manager, Talia Tatsuya.

Which is all fine and dandy until his dragon decides she’s their fated mate. Damn it, Gabe doesn’t want one of those, either.

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~ book 2 ~

One steamy afternoon with the smokin’ personal chef to the leader of their dragon colony left Petra in seriously hot water. Now she’s two thousand miles away from home, with a newborn baby, and she hasn’t told the father he’s, well, a dad.

~ book 3 ~

Ketu Ormarr has a daunting task list:

1. Take down the drug trade that has been plaguing his dragon colony for a decade.
2. Avenge his sister’s death.
3. Protect his sister’s best friend, Antoinette Dupré, and her son, Henri.
4. Try not to fall in love with his sister’s best friend.

No problem, right?

~ book 4 ~

Her job: Save the world.
His job: Don't tell her that she's supposed to save the world.
Complicated? You betcha.

~ book 5 ~

Four years ago, dragon shifter Sofia had an affair with a gargoyle. The next morning, he disappeared—and left an infant on her doorstep.

Now he’s back, and Sofia is afraid he wants to claim the child she’s been raising as her own.

Love & Ghosts by Carrie Pulkinen


He sees dead people.
She refuses to believe they exist.

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“Do you want to come inside?”
Of course, he did. But was it really what she wanted? If only he could read living people the way he could ghosts.
He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her just far enough away to see into her eyes. They sparkled with passion and mischief, and he could have taken her right there on the landing if they weren’t so close to the street. “Do you want me to come inside?”
Her tongue slipped out to moisten her lips, and his knees nearly buckled beneath him. She slid her hands down his chest and hooked a finger in the waistband of his jeans, pulling him toward her. “I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want you to.”
She reached behind her, opened the door, and pulled him through the threshold. Her hungry gaze traveled up and down his body as she slipped her hands beneath his shirt. The feel of her soft fingers against his skin had his core tightening, his entire body aching to feel her close to him, on him, with him.
“I want you, Sean.”
He wanted to respond. To say he wanted her too. But hearing those words from her lips rendered him incapable of speech. He slid his hands down to the small of her back, pulling her close, trailing kisses up one side of her neck and down the other.
He didn’t just want this woman. He needed her…

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Pirate's Persuasion by Lisa Kessler


A dark coven possesses the figurehead from the Flying Dutchman, and if Heather and the immortal Sea Dog crew don't locate the relic soon, Drake may be lost to them forever. Heather has seen the passionate man behind the veil of guilt, and she's determined to free him from his self-imposed prison, and persuade this pirate to love again.

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Drake fought through the angry spatters of bacon grease to turn the strips, stealing glances at Heather as she mixed the batter for waffles. He’d been alive for over two hundred years now, and he’d lost count of the exact number, but he was certain this was the first time he’d ever cooked with a woman. Sure, he’d prepared food for himself and helped One-Eyed Bob in the galley on the Sea Dog before, but the salty old sailor was far from a female.
Everything Heather did had fluidity to it, almost ethereal, like she moved to a symphony only she could hear. She fascinated him. 
The waffle iron hissed as she poured the batter in and clamped it closed. She peeked back over her shoulder and caught him staring. Color flushed her pale skin, warming him all over. 
“How’s the bacon coming along?”
As if the cursed bubbling oil heard her, it popped, hitting his bare forearm while he was focused on her. “Shit!” 
He jumped back from the stove, bumping into her. With tongs in one hand, he caught her waist with the other, steadying her. 
Their gazes locked and time slowed. He struggled to breathe, his voice a raw whisper. “Tell me something.”
She stared into his eyes. “Okay.”
For a moment, he couldn’t find words. Maybe it was having her so close that he caught the lavender scent of her hair, or the way her ice-blue eyes looked right into his soul. He swallowed the lump in his throat. “How do you make me forget?”
She blinked, her full lips curving into a tentative smile. “Forget what?”
“Everything.” He smirked at his own lack of vocabulary. Think, man. He tried again. “When I have you in my arms, the rest of the world fades. My inadequacies, my guilt, the ghosts from the past, they all take a back seat. I’ve tried to silence them for lifetimes.” He searched her face. “You’re magic.”
Heather brought her hand to his cheek and whispered, “Kiss me.”
He didn’t hesitate, tasting her soft lips until his pulse thrummed in his ears.
Her mouth welcomed him as his tongue tangled slowly with hers. He held her tighter, losing himself in the feel of her body pressed against his. The tongs clanked against the granite countertop as he wrapped his other arm around her, his large hand exploring her back. She moaned into the kiss as his fingertips slipped underneath the back of her shirt. His calloused hands caressed the silky-smooth skin of her back, his erection threatening to break free of the zipper of his jeans.
He’d never wanted anyone so badly in his long life. Lost in his hunger, he boosted her up onto the kitchen counter. She parted her thighs and he moved even closer. They had on far too many clothes. 
Before he could lift her shirt over her head, a loud beeping pierced his ears. Drake broke the kiss, turning to find smoke pluming from the cast-iron skillet. 
“Aw, fuck!” He grabbed the oven mitt and pulled the heavy pan away from the flame. 
Heather reached around him to twist off the burner, and then opened the window over the sink. Coughing from the smoke, he set the pan back down, waving the bank of fog away with the pot holder until the smoke detector was finally appeased. He peered down at what used to be bacon. The strips looked more like charcoal than meat.
Her hand slid up his back as she laughed. “I didn’t want bacon anyway.”
“Yer sayin’ I battled that grease for nothing?” He brandished the tiny burn on his arm. It would be gone in a few minutes. Fast healing was one of the perks of drinking from the Grail.
She pressed her lips to his forearm right beside the wound. The sight making him forget all about the fucking bacon. She was the most beautiful, sexy, intriguing woman he’d ever seen. 
Her breath caressed his skin as she whispered, “My hero.”
He wanted to be more than that. Following that path would be riddled with heartbreak as time stole her from him and left him behind. 
A new beep mercifully interrupted his thoughts. Heather turned around and opened the waffle iron, revealing a perfectly browned Belgian waffle. His stomach growled in response, and the smile on her face made him wish he could stop time. 
She put the waffle on a plate and refilled the iron. “I’ll split it with you while the next one cooks.”
He opened a couple of drawers and withdrew two forks. “Deal.”
They sat next to each other at the antique dining table. He admired the woodworking while she spread butter and syrup over the waffle. He hadn’t built this furniture, but he could appreciate the craftsmanship.
She peered over at him and plucked a fork from his hand. “Don’t tell me you made this table. It’s been in my family since the 1800s.”
He chuckled, shaking his head. “No, but I bet I knew the bloke who did. Not many furniture makers in Savannah back then. I was working on cabinetry and doors back then. Not much for furniture in those days.”
He took a bite of the waffle and groaned as the sweet buttery squares assaulted his taste buds. Meeting her eyes, he swallowed and grinned. “Thanks for making breakfast. I’m sorry I wasn’t more help.”
Her ice-blue eyes sparkled. “Oh, you were plenty of help…just maybe not with the bacon.”
“I enjoy helping you.” He placed his free hand on her thigh under the table, stunned by the way she coaxed this playful side out of him. So often his thoughts wandered down dark paths, but she shined light into the shadows of his soul, showing him a new future.
She bumped him with her shoulder. “I have clients coming soon, but I could use some more help…tonight.”
Flirting. They were fucking flirting. Amazing he still knew how.
He leaned in, his lips brushing her ear. “Until tonight, then.”
A small shiver ran through her, and instantly blood was pumping far from his brain. She stabbed a piece of waffle and lifted it to his lips. “Tonight.”
He took the bite into his mouth slowly, drinking in the desire in her eyes. He’d believed this part of himself to be long dead, but every second with her drew him back toward the light, toward life. She was a miracle.

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Jul 23, 2020

Reason to Love by Sedona Venez


Vampire princesses can’t be tamed…unless it’s by a dominant wolf shifter desperate to make her his mate.

Narrated by Ava Lucas and Teddy Hamilton

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Consort by Lia Davis


Lucifer turned me into what I am:  The mother of the Vampires. Now he’s called me back to Hell. I’ve spent hundreds of years fighting my attraction to the demon that saved me and turned me into the most powerful woman in existence.  Maybe it’s time to give in. Can I truly be happy being the devil's consort?

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The only blessing Luc ever gave me was our son, Kane. Luc had graciously let me live on earth to raise Kane, then called me back to Hell when it was time for our son to take the vampire throne. And I returned, because what choice did I have? 
Luc curled his fingers around my hand and brought it to his lips, placing a soft kiss to my knuckles. Jerking my hand from his, I snarled, “Are you sure Sammael is here?”
The corners of Luc’s lips lifted in a wicked smile. He always loved it when I resisted him. As much as I hated to admit, the power play for dominance turned me on, making me hate him all the more.
Why did I find him so irresistible? I didn’t want to be attracted to the damn man. 
I knew the answer to that question. It was because he was inside me. We were bonded and had been since I woke as a vampire—reborn. I'd fought the draw to him for many hundreds of years but being in Hell and constantly near him made it harder and harder.
That was why I hadn’t stayed here with my son after he was born. We’d stayed for two years, but Lucian had begun to grow on me. I found myself fond of him. Even the idea was distasteful, so I’d moved Kane and myself to Earth to oversee my vampire children from there. 
That, and because of Sammael. If it hadn’t been for his actions, Luc probably wouldn’t have let me raise his son on Earth.
“Sammael is here. He may think he can block me out, but there are more ways to track him.” Luc’s features morphed into fierce determination as he grabbed my hand again. This time I didn’t pull away. Sometimes it wasn’t worth fighting him. Pick my damn battles. Plus, I needed his emotional support, not that I would ever tell him that.
We reached the end of the corridor, which was also the beginning of the level we were on, and Luc froze in place. A snarl escaped him, low and soft. Then he turned and backtracked the way we came.
Hell was like a massive office building with never-ending levels that went down instead of up. It wasn't circular or oval, but somewhere in between, which didn't make sense if I thought too hard about it. Then again, nothing in Hell made a whole lot of sense at first. It took me years, maybe longer since time moved differently in this realm, to learn the layout and not become confused at every turn. I’d never have admitted it, but I still could get turned around if I wasn’t careful.
This particular level was ruled by the Demon Lord of Envy, Everly. I didn’t know much about her except that she was in Sammael’s harem. Oh, yes. He had a harem. Which would’ve been fine, except most of the women didn’t particularly want to be in his harem.
Luc walked faster, and I felt his fury build through our bond. His eyes turned crimson as he stopped in front of a random door, then kicked it open. Behind the door was a study with wall-to-wall bookshelves and a desk. However, there were no books on the shelves and the desk was bare.
I glanced at Luc and frowned as he crossed the large room to a picture on the far wall. He placed his hand on the left side of the frame and the center opened up. I moved closer, curious about what was hidden inside the picture.
As soon as I got close to the threshold of the room, I gasped and could go no farther. Dark magic swirled around me. It was Luc's magic, mixed with all the souls damned to Hell. I stood in the doorway of the contracts vault. That’s what the room was.
And it was empty. “Luc,” I whispered. 
He looked at me absently, then waved his hand. I stumbled in the room and realized it extended farther than I’d realized from left to right. 
I'd known Sammael had taken the scrolls, each one imbibed with a piece of the soul that had signed themselves over to Lucian, but I'd never seen the vault for myself. The room was enormous. The far ends were in shadows, so I couldn't tell how far it went.
“I knew it was coming,” Lucian said absently as he stared at the empty vault. “I knew when we were helping the girls. But it’s happened for sure, now.”

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Jul 22, 2020

LUCAS by Siren Allen

For her betrayal, he was determined to break her. He never suspected she’d end up breaking him.

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