Jun 25, 2019

A Twist of Fate

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A Lion, a Witch, and a War. He knows the only choice is to destroy her soul and his own in the process if he wants to save everyone else’s. Save the Geek Girl, or Save the Galaxy...

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Damnation - Bonus Edition


Behind the doors of the Blue Moon Saloon, alpha shifters confront their darkest fears and deepest desires. Bear shifter Simon is reunited with Jessica, the she-wolf he was forced to reject years before. He hasn’t forgotten her, and she hasn’t forgiven him.

*BONUS EDITION* includes prequel & steamy bonus epilogue.

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Reese is the biggest baddest wolf in town or anywhere nearby. What he wants, he takes. Females fall at his feet but he doesn't care until he sees her calmly walk away without looking back.

She's the alpha's human daughter and avoids wolves like Reese. They come face to face and her only thought is escape.

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Outlaw Wolves


To save the woman Rayne loves and the pack they formed, he challenged her and took her position as alpha. Can their mate bond survive such a betrayal?

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Featured Read: Outlaw Wolves


To save the woman Rayne loves and the pack they formed, he challenged her and took her position as alpha. Can their mate bond survive such a betrayal?

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She was not alone.

Alpha. Mate. Enemy. Two of the three words she would never have applied to the man she loved. The man who betrayed her. The wolf who kept her hostage.  The individual she’d turned her whole life into a crusade to support. Rayne would never let her go. 


Once more her wolf snapped and snarled, but all that escaped Luciana was a long sigh. The Americans were a passionate people, but they tempered their passions with cold pragmatism and the oddest sense of morality. Loving and loathing someone or something in the same breath was not a new sensation for her.

Just one she would never have applied to the mate she and her wolf had adored without measure. 

The wind raced passed her, tangling her hair and pulling it across her eyes.  Shaking her head, she glanced at the phone in her palm. Her thumb hovered over the call button and she still couldn’t bring herself to press it. 

“Luciana Esposito Barrows,” he vocalized her full name. Salvatore hadn’t used her full name since they were children. “I repudiate you. Seven Hills is closed to you and yours. Never darken our land, never call to us for help, never invoke us to your need. You wished to be alone, so shall you have it. We do not know you.”

Pain sliced through her. An unexpected agony as it cleaved her heart.

“She is yours,” he told his mate, the bitch Enforcer, Margo. “The Enforcers may do as they will, I withdraw my protection and free you from the promise you made.”

Skating her thumb away from the call button, she elected instead to shut the phone’s screen off with a squeeze to the button on the side. Seven Hills repudiated her, but only after she had repudiated them first. It had taken her months to accept her brother’s censure. Months to understand Salvatore had no other choice, but to let her go.

She couldn’t call him. She could never call him for help. All they had built, all that occurred—the town, the pack, even her mate—had been her choice. Unshed tears burned behind her eyes and her throat went scratchy. Still, she would not let them loose. Pride straightened her shoulders and stiffened her spine. 

A hushed whisper of sound, and a crunch of grass or maybe it was the slide of foliage against leather, but she sensed the presence of other before she scented it. Twisting, she glanced behind to find a woman with a lean, athletic form and shrouded in her own power approaching. Shrouded because it was so contained, yet beneath the cool façade crackled an alpha in her own right. 

Long dark hair flowed as she moved, the wind tugging at it as it had Luciana’s. She strode with purpose, and strength seemed to resonate with every step. The woman also had a familiar look to her—only where Luciana had seen similar features before had been on a far more delicate, and seemingly fragile frame. Chrystal was no longer Three Rivers, the wolf having chosen to follow her mate to his pack even as she broke from Luciana’s.

“Dallas Dalton,” she said by way of greeting. “Or has the Dalton changed now that you have mated Julian?” The Chief Enforcer had no surname that Luciana was aware of, nor had she asked him on the three occasions she’d met with him. The wolf was as prickly as her brother Salvatore on a bad day. 

“Doesn’t matter. Dalton is fine.” The woman prowled with a kind of deadly grace. It would be a mistake to think of her as anything, but dangerous whether she was with her mate or alone. She’d let Luciana hear her coming, and Luciana recognized the choice. Distraction left her vulnerable.

A mistake she wouldn’t make again. 

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Featured Read: Change in the Light


Shifter pack master Josh doesn’t know his human lover is using him. Rachel doesn’t know he isn’t human. When their hearts become entangled and two worlds collide, it’s anybody’s guess where the pieces will fall and who will survive...

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She released her hold on the bar and smoothed the front of her satiny dress. And then she watched as his gaze caught hers and held, until he stood directly in front of her. Clearly, he had been literally heading in her direction.
 “Hello,” he said, his deep voice like sandpaper. Her thoughts immediately shifted to silk sheets and baby oil. And if his tongue was as rough as his voice, she definitely wanted it between her thighs. 
 So far, this whole sleep-with-a-stranger gig wasn’t turning out half bad. Not bad at all, in fact.
 “I’m Joshua Tigre. Josh.”
 “Hi Josh. I’m Rachel.” She offered her hand and he enveloped it in his far larger and warmer one. She spared a moment to pray he never let it go.
 “I hope the prank didn’t frighten you too much.”
 Prank? She racked her brain, trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about. All she could focus on was the warmth of his hand and the impressive width of his shoulders. And his smile. And his eyes. And...
 “The panther,” he went on to explain. “I told him not to do it. I told him this wasn’t the place.” He shook his head, looking exasperated. “My cousin never listens to reason.”
 “Your—your cousin?” She was clearly missing something.
 Josh nodded, looking solemn, although there was a definite gleam in his dark eyes. “Matt. He knows better. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to react first and think later. Or not at all.” The solemn look switched to annoyed, before he wiped it clean and offered her a dazzling smile. “Like I said, a prank. Harmless.”
 “O-okay.” He sure seemed hell bent on convincing her she shouldn’t be frightened. In truth, once the panther had passed without so much as glancing her way, she’d been more fascinated than scared.
 Josh’s gaze locked onto her for several breathless seconds. He scanned her, from the top of her red hair to the tips of her too-high heels, and then he abruptly shifted his gaze away and looked at the crowd.
 “Maybe I should escort you to your car?” he suggested. Unless she was mistaken, he was trying to get rid of her. She wondered why.
 “I—I didn’t drive.” She needed Josh Tigre to take her home tonight. She deliberately ignored that part of her brain that was actually excited over the prospect.
 Okay, no she didn’t. In fact, she allowed that part of her brain to have free rein.
 His gaze sharpened. “Do you need a ride?”
 She batted her eyelashes. Rachel had been blessed with her mother’s milky complexion, gorgeous red hair, and strategic curves. Looks her mother had wasted on drugs and the sleazy losers who dealt them. Rachel preferred to waste hers on sexy men in gray suits who rushed across a crowded ballroom to convince her not to worry about the fact that a live panther had just strutted through the vicinity.
 “That would be wonderful,” she said, her voice practically a purr. She watched as he scoped out the room again. A man stepped through the door where the panther had disappeared a short time earlier. He vaguely resembled Josh. Rachel wondered if this was the cousin who never listened. When his gaze zoned in on them, Josh sharply shook his head. The man paused, a frown creasing his brow.
 “Let’s go. I’ll take you home.”
 “What?” It couldn’t possibly be this easy—could it?
 “You just said you needed a ride.” He sounded confused. Rachel caught herself before she blew her opportunity. She wasn’t used to anything working quite so readily in her favor. Even when she used guys for her own means, it wasn’t usually this easy.
 “Right. Of course. I’d appreciate it. Thank you.” Now she sounded overly grateful.
 Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth to backtrack, but Josh beat her to the punch. “Great. Let’s go.” He slipped his arm around her waist and for a moment, she was certain she forgot to breathe. She certainly forgot how to walk, as was evident when he put pressure on her back and then paused, a question in his eyes.
 “Sorry. The shoes. I’m not very good with the heels.”
 He glanced down and she lifted her skirt enough for him to admire the six-inch gold heels. When he lifted his gaze back to her face, she could have sworn his eyes were glowing.
 Holy shit, it really was going to be this easy.

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Featured Read: Light Beyond the Darkness


Just as shapeshifters mate for life, so do Lightbearers. Happily isn't always part of the ever after.

 In this third book of the series, Lightbearer Carley Santiago and shifter Reid Hennigan are running from their pasts. Hiding in the human world, they meet and sparks fly. But what happens when Carley’s past threatens her relationship with Reid?

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 At noon the next day, Reid stood on the front porch of the three-story Victorian home Carley shared with half a dozen humans, all of whom worked at the same restaurant. He never knew humans were so pack-like. Working and living with the same people, day in and day out—he couldn’t imagine it, and he was a pack-like creature.
 The dishwasher answered the door. Short, stocky guy with brown skin and thick, dark hair. His shrewd brown-eyed gaze swept over Reid’s person.
 “Stalking her isn’t going to get her to sleep with you, bro,” he eventually commented, by way of greeting.
 Reid lifted his eyebrows and gazed back at the shorter man. “Are you going to give me advice on what will?”
 The dishwasher snorted. “Hell no. Even if I did know that answer, I sure as hell wouldn’t share it with you. Stay here. I’ll see if she’s willing to give you some face time.” And then he promptly slammed the door in Reid’s face.
 Reid touched the peeling paint on the door. He felt residual magic there, although the wards were fairly old. At least a few weeks, maybe more. At some point, she’d warded the place against detection, and eventually stopped, or at least grew lax. The protective wards would have to be renewed regularly, as the magic, just like the Lightbearer who created it, would weaken with time. He wondered who had frightened her so much that she would actually flinch away when he only meant to touch her gently, encouragingly, as he told her that he wanted to sleep with her.
 Not a past lover, she’d said. Family member, he had guessed. She denied it, but then she’d refused to tell him more. But someone had done something to hurt her. The way she’d jerked away from him—that was a learned behavior. He understood learned behaviors, and he knew well how hard it was to break oneself of a habit forced upon you by someone else.
 She obviously had an unpleasant past. Or at least something terrible had occurred that triggered her reaction to him. She clearly wanted nothing to do with him. This would be no easy conquest he could bend to his will for a brief period of time, providing short-term mutual satisfaction, before he went on his way and they never spoke again.
 So why was he here? Why was he pursuing her? Why did he feel as though he wanted her even more, despite—or because of—the issues that he really knew nothing about?
 Because I can relate, a small voice whispered in his head.
 Perhaps, he admitted grudgingly. But that didn’t mean it was a good idea.
 The door opened again, revealing a different human, this one a male with ruddy skin and strawberry-blond hair that he kept closely cropped to his head. His eyes were bright blue, and he had a sprinkling of freckles across his nose. He was clearly young, although probably not as young as he looked.
 “What’re you doing here?” the boy demanded.
 “Waiting to speak to Carley.”
 “She’s busy.”
 “Doing what?”
 “None of your beeswax.”
 Charming. “The dishwasher was supposed to tell her I’m here.”
 “Roman? He did. And she said to go away.”
 The kid was lying. Reid could tell by the way his gaze darted to the side as he said the words. He started to flush, as well.
 “I cannot abide liars,” Reid said in his low, dangerous voice. The one that intimidated most humans.
 The kid flushed darker and dropped his gaze to stare at the ground. “How come you didn’t like my steak?” he finally blurted.
 “You must be Sean.”
 “Yeah. What of it?” Sean asked defensively.
 “I didn’t eat your steak.”
 “Why not?”
 “Carley didn’t make it.”
 “So? My steaks are good too, you know.”
 “They might very well be, but I’m not trying to sleep with you.”
 The kid’s face darkened until he was almost purple. Reid wondered if he would have to perform CPR.
 “You can’t have her,” Sean finally managed to say on a wheeze.
 “Your protective instincts are noble, but I hope you can understand that I really don’t care about your opinion on the matter.”

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Featured Read: Charming Marjani


He's rich, sexy...and part-fae. But she's a shifter assassin on a mission -- and can't let herself be charmed...

 Crowned Heart Review (5 stars) ~ InD'Tale Magazine

 Best Shifter Series of 2018 (Fada Shapeshifters) ~ Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer's Choice Awards

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 Marjani headed north toward the ice fae court, running as her cougar.

 By noon, she’d covered twenty miles, passing like a shadow by tiny fishing villages and farms with shaggy Icelandic sheep and the smallest horses she’d ever seen. She swerved west, coming out on a deserted cliff above the North Atlantic, and made her way down to the beach, where she shifted back to human. Shedding her backpack, she found her fishing knife and strode naked into the icy surf. Within minutes, she had two fish, which she filleted and roasted on a tiny camp stove.

 The taste was fresh and wild. Perfect. She was licking her fingers when a movement on the cliff above made her bolt to her feet.

 It was Fane, looking like a freaking model for Iceland Magazine in a silver shirt and worn jeans, long legs braced apart and his golden hair secured with a leather tie. His gaze traveled down her naked body, and his sexy mouth curved.

 She ignored the smile to zero in on his ears. A diamond stud glittered in one earlobe, but what made her growl were the pointed tips. He had more fae in him than she’d guessed from his scent.

 Without taking her gaze from him, she picked up the fishing knife, flipping it from hand to hand with the ease of long practice. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

 “Easy.” He raised a hand, palm out, in a placating gesture she didn’t trust for a second. “I can explain.”

 “Yeah, right.”

 She closed the still-warm camp stove and shoved it into her backpack along with the knife. She strapped the pack on, aware of him watching the entire time. Let him look his fill. One false move and she’d slit his throat.

 But he remained on the cliff.

 She shifted to cougar and bounded up the cliff, where she snarled right in his pretty face, making sure to show plenty of teeth.

 The man was either stupid—or brave. He stood his ground, hands loose at his sides. Not aggressive, but not giving an inch.

 She stalked around him, growling lowly.

 “I mean you no harm,” he said, which earned him another snarl.

 She reached his front and paused, tail twitching in confusion. Her cougar didn’t know what to make of him, but it didn’t scent a threat. In fact, to her cat, Fane smelled somehow right, just as he had last night to the human Marjani.

 A smile curled over his lips. “By the gods,” he said in his smoky voice, “you’re beautiful. And you’d rip out my throat in a heartbeat, wouldn’t you?”

 Her response was a snarl, but inside, the cougar preened itself at the compliment.

 He lifted a brow. “Are you ready to listen?”

 She gave one last growl and sat on her haunches.

 “Good.” He expelled a breath. “I don’t have much time—I’m supposed to be somewhere else right now.”

 She stared back unblinkingly.

 “Right,” he muttered. “You know, I’m risking my bloody neck to help you. And you couldn’t give a fuck, could you?”

 Another twitch of her tail. Because he was right, she didn’t give a fuck.

 His hands curled into fists, a crack in his calm façade.

 “I can’t tell you much, or they’ll—” He set his jaw. “It’s not important. But the ice fae king knows you’re in Iceland. Get out of Iceland, Jani. Today. While you still can.”

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giveaway from Lisa Carlisle

Celebrate the release of CURSED with Lisa Carlisle!

You have a chance to win a signed paperback of NIGHT ENCOUNTERS, which includes the first two books in the Underground Encounters series!


Beauka Draglen has spent the last few years feeling alone and unwanted. Deciding it’s time to experience life on earth, she makes a deal with a human male and enacts her plane to escape Draglen Castle. the dragon princess finds the one thing that melts her tough exterior - the charm of a southern gentleman. 

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Vampire Mate


Warrior. Vampire. Soulmate?  In the supernatural underworld of Chicago, vampire warrior Lucian has met his match...

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Captive of the Bear Clan


Three bears shifters fight to protect the witch they all love in this scorching hot reverse harem paranormal romance.

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Jun 24, 2019

Five Facts about Cats That You Might Not Know...

Hi, my name is Rebecca Rivard, and I write the award-winning Fada Shapeshifter Series. The fada are shapeshifters created from a mix of fae, human and animal genes who live in a world of dark shifters and dangerous fae. Think urban fantasy with a steamy romance.

In the Fada Shapeshifter Series, you'll find every kind of shifter from dolphins to wolves, but some of my favorite characters are the big cats in the Baltimore Earth Fada Clan. Keep reading for five fun facts about big cats!
  • Cougars can actually have blue or torquoise eyes, just like Marjani in Charming Marjani. Isn't this cat a beauty? 

  • Only four cats can actually roar: lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars. A lion's roar can get as loud as 114 decibels(!). 
  • And speaking of jaguars... Black panthers are actually a melanistic variation of two kinds of cats, leopards or jaguars. So, the two black panthers in Saving Jace (Jace and his niece Merry) are actually very dark, almost black jaguars. As I say in the book, if you look close enough, you can see the spots! 

  • Big cats can roar, but they don't purr. That's left to smaller cats like house cats, bobcats and cougars (who can be quite large but are classified with smaller cats because they purr). Kittens start purring as young as 2 days old, both to let mom know they're okay and also to help mom and kitten bond.
  • Cats hate water because their fur doesn't insulate well when they're wet. But jaguars are the exception. Found mainly in rainforests, jaguars are powerful swimmers, and river animals like fish, turtles and caimans are a major part of their diet.
ღ Looking for a steamy romance between a black panther shifter and his (almost) human mate? Try Saving Jace.
ღ Interested in a heart-melting romance between a troubled cougar shifter and her part-fae mate? Check out Charming Marjani.

*Best Shifter Series of 2018 ~ Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer's Choice Awards*
*Three-Time Finalist in the RONE Awards*

Hugs and enjoy the read!
~Rebecca Rivard

Jun 21, 2019

Free! Instant Read! Bring Her Wolf by Michelle Fox

Shapeshifter Werewolf Romance: Bring her Wolf
Michelle Fox
Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

Chloe is a wolf with a problem: She can't shift and if her wolf doesn't come soon, pack law demands she leave the only home she's ever known.
Then temptation  comes calling...
Hot, hunky werewolf, Jackson promises Chloe he'll make her howl.  He’s been pining for her from afar and won’t miss a chance to claim Chloe for his own.
The bad boy alpha will have Chloe howling before she knows it.

Psst...if you want bigger font etc... try reading on your tablet, netbook or laptop instead of a phone. 
Bring Her Wolf
I raised the wine bottle in a toast.  “Happy twenty fifth birthday to me.” My living room was empty, so no one answered or looked at me funny when I went on to say, “And to being run out of town.” With a morose frown, I tipped the bottle back against my lips and let the fruity wine flood my mouth. Using a glass was an unnecessary formality when drinking alone.
Taking another slug from the bottle, I contemplated my immediate future. Tomorrow I would load up a moving truck and go out to make my life among humans. Even though I wasn’t one. Technically. But those were the rules and I didn’t belong in Huntsville. Not anymore.

A knock sounded at my door.
“Pizza’s here,” I said. Talking to myself kept me from being lonely. I fumbled with my purse and extracted the requisite twenty. Flinging my front door open, I accepted the box from Peter. He was seventeen with a lanky frame still waiting to fill out. He’d been my pizza guy for at least a year. “Thanks, Pete.” I offered the money.
He held up his hands. “This one’s on me, Miss. Stark.” He looked at me with pity. He knew. Hell, they all knew. I was the talk of the town. The only null in four generations, and the horror that kept the parents of Huntsville up at night. The frightful aberration they used to make children behave.
Clean your room or you won’t change either.
Eat your peas or you’ll be homeless too.
I blinked and swallowed back the bitterness. “Thanks.”
“Good luck, Miss Stark.”
“Luck has passed me by, Pete.” He didn’t know what to say to that and shifted uncomfortably, staring at his feet. I saved him further discomfort by slamming the door shut, and retreating into the living room with the pizza.
I’d taken two bites when there another knock sounded at the door. I froze, my brow furrowed at the noise. The knock came again. I finished chewing and went to the door, irritation creeping up my spine.
I flung the door open a little harder than I’d intended and it bounced off the wall, forcing me to keep it from closing with my hand. “What is it, Pete?” My tone was hostile.
“Hello Chloe.”
I would never mistake that deep baritone for an adolescent pizza delivery boy.

My breath caught in my throat and I looked up, up and up to meet the gaze of Jackson Swift. There are bad boys and there’s badass. Jackson was very much the latter. He’d moved to Huntsville at the invitation of the pack alpha. I’d given him wide berth because staying out of pack business was expected of me and a new wolf was definitely pack business.
We’d worked together for a bit at the one bar in town. I’d waitressed there ever since I was of age, and, six months ago, he sweet talked his way into bartending. I’d seen it happen. My boss, Sheila, had swooned like a flower in a wind storm. She was putty in his hands.
Whenever we worked the same shift, he’d watched me like he was hungry and I was raw steak. It weirded me out, and I avoided him every chance I got. A few times he had even tried to talk to me, but I had just turned around and gone the other way, heat burning my cheeks. Soon whatever interest he had in me cooled and he’d focused his attention on Allison, the bar slut. She went home with everyone.
For the record, I never went home with anyone.
Mostly because no one wanted me.
“What are you doing here?” My eyes narrowed and I shifted my weight back, ready to step into the house and slam the door for a second time that night. Yet despite my wariness I couldn’t help but drink in the sight of him; handsome as rock star and built like a fireman. He should be on a stud-of-the-month calendar, not my front porch watching me with eyes the color of chocolate streaked with caramel.
“I heard you’re leaving.” His gaze tracked my every movement, no matter how small. It was unnerving.
I shrugged. “I’m twenty-five. Cal said it was time.”  The pack alpha had been kind to me. Given me extra time, but I was a null, a dud, a nothing. The little town of Huntsville tucked in the rural hills of Appalachia had rules about people like me. You had to fit in or leave. I didn’t belong and I never would. I wasn’t a wolf.
“Where you going?” He sounded like my answer mattered and the sincerity caught me by surprise.
“I don’t know. What do you care?” I watched him as carefully as he watched me. The hair on the back of my neck rose. He was trouble. I could smell it even with my stunted senses.
He lifted his head and sniffed. “You got pizza in there?”
I nodded, my expression guarded. He wanted something from me and I didn’t want to get suckered. I was no flower in a wind storm.
“I’m starving.”
I stared at him, refusing to give in. The last thing I needed was to tangle with a wolf like Jackson. He’d chew me up, spit me out and think nothing of it. After Allison, there’d been Susan, Polly, Jenny and who knows how many other girls made their way in and out of his pants. The circus clown car had nothing Jackson’s love life.
“You’re not going to invite me in?” Shock registered on his face. It was possible I was the first woman in history to tell the man no.
“I’m not looking for anything you got.” I crossed my arms, leaning against the door jamb.
“Fair enough.”  He stepped closer, crowding me, our bodies almost close enough to touch. His voice dipped down into a husky whisper that seemed to reach out and stroke my skin. “What if I could help you?”

Note: The story is NOT over. Due flamin' hawt content, we had to put the rest of the story on Michelle Fox's site. It's still a free, instant download, but we have to avoid drama with Facebook  which is picky about landing pages and has a lot of 'puritan bots' that freak out over little things like romantic fiction.