Jul 31, 2019

Desert Heart by Anna Lowe


Wolf shifter Tina Hawthorne is oh-so-tempted. Rick, the sweet boy from the adjoining ranch, is all grown up, but that doesn’t make the irresistible human any more suitable as a mate. Especially with a dangerous foe haunting the night and Rick harboring a few secrets — and enemies — of his own.

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Rick’s eyes met hers, and her memories rushed into an overwhelming blur, like a landscape seen from a carnival ride. The kind that terrified you, even if you never wanted to get off.
“Tina,” he said quietly. The warmth of his hand on hers sent a ripple through her body. “It’s been a long time.”
Seven years since their last, rushed encounter, and another five back to the time when they’d spent breathless nights together, all summer long. That made twelve long years. Tina knew. She’d counted every day, every night.
Too long, her body sang.
Not long enough, huffed the tiny section of her brain that still worked. Because for all the smoothness in Rick’s voice, she could feel a tiny, hopeful tremor in his hand.
He remembered, all right.
The realization rocketed through every nerve in her body, which wasn’t a good thing. If he felt the buzz that she’d never forgotten, it would be harder than ever to stay away. Hard to stay away from those earnest, golden-brown eyes that shone with some secret wish she’d never been able to figure out. Hard to keep her fingers from raking through that thick brown hair the way she still did in her dreams.
It would be impossible to say no to this man one more time.
“Hello, Rick,” she managed.
In some ways, he hadn’t changed a bit: same dimple on the left cheek, same perfect teeth. Time had been good to him. He’d gone from cute rookie to smoking hot pro. His face had an extra line or two, just enough to hint at the depth of character inside. He was only a couple of inches taller than her but easily twice her weight, with most of his bulk in his shoulders and chest—the chest slowly rising and falling, just inches away. She caught her hand sneaking up toward that broad expanse, ready to rest over his heart to feel the beat.
Which, of course, she couldn’t do. Not with her brother a foot away. Not with Dale Gordon, the Seymour Ranch foreman, stamping up from behind. Not with her inner wolf wagging its tail like a bitch in heat.
Dale nodded his greeting; Ty grunted back. The cowboys of Arizona had their own brand of charm, and social graces weren’t high on their list. Rick was somewhere in between, as he’d always been: a country boy who’d acquired just enough polish without forgetting his roots. The man was one in a million. But she’d known that from the very start.
“You’re the new manager,” Ty barked.
So much for starting with cookies and a cup of tea.
Tina dragged her eyes from Rick just in time to catch Dale’s scowl. Wasn’t hard to miss, nor was the slight tightening of Rick’s shoulders in response. But Rick’s easy expression remained unfazed.
“That’s me.”

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Galaxy Alien Warriors - The Box Set by Sedona Venez


This Galaxy Alien Warriors box set takes you on an emotional ride that you'll remember. FOUR page-turning, hot standalone sci-fi alien romance books that will make you want your very own hot protective alien warrior!

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“Are you real? Or a dream?” she asked me in her throaty voice.
“Both,” I answered.
“Both?” she laughed, and my heart leaped in my chest at hearing amusement from her instead of pain or fear. “How can you be both? If you’re a dream, this isn’t happening, and I can have my wicked way with you. If you’re real, then I need to wait to get to know you better. I’ve saved myself for this long, what’s a little more time?”
“Saved yourself? What do you mean by ‘saved yourself’?” I asked as I stroked my fingers around the curve of her face and down her neck to her neckline. Her skin felt smooth and soft. I could even smell her, fresh and clean. She must have just bathed. Eva’s curly hair was piled on top of her head, forming a pouf of ringlets. My eyes drank in the sight of her.
Her tiny hands reached up and touched my face, mimicking my gestures on her body. “I’ve never had sex. I’ve waited and saved my virginity for someone I wanted to share my body with, but I guess that’s out now that I’ve volunteered for the program. I suppose I’ll have several mates, technically, if you harvest my eggs.” Her hands were on my shoulders now, exploring the muscles in my arms as I used a finger to trace back and forth along her neckline. 
I was dumbfounded at the idea that she’s been saving herself for me without even realizing it. It struck me to the heart, and I let her go on instead of trusting myself to speak.
“I know what happens during sex, but I’ve never experienced it myself.” She looked me directly in the eyes. “I want to experience it with you. I’ve never wanted a man before, but I want you.”
My heart felt like it was going to beat its way right out of my chest.
She leaned toward me, and I became aware of the shadow falling between her breasts inside the neckline of her nightgown. “You saw me in the shower, didn’t you? I could feel your eyes. Your beautiful golden eyes.” She took her hands and smoothed them over my scalp and around my ears. “Just as smooth as it looks. No hair at all.” Her light touch skimming over my head and ears sent a shiver along my spine. Her boldness and how she made me feel had me speechless.
She sat up in bed. “I don’t know who you are, Raevu, but you’re constantly in my thoughts, and now you’re in my dreams.” She reached up to her neckline and untied the little bow of pink ribbon nestled between her large, lush breasts. 
My mouth went dry as she pushed the straps off of her shoulders, displaying her full breasts. Now I was speechless for another reason entirely.
She lay back again. “Touch me, Raevu.”

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Wolves of West Valley by Sarah J. Stone


Another boring gig in another small town. Willow’s job as a reviewer of resorts leads her to West Valley where s simple write-up leads to a world of mystery and betrayal.

The only person she can trust is Carter, a badass wolf shifter. 

Can she trust her heart when she still hasn’t made up her mind?

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Knights of Stone Box Set (Highland Gargoyles Series) by Lisa Carlisle


With a quarter century of burning hatred between the inhabitants of the Isle of Stone, Kayla knows all too well it is forbidden to cross boundaries. 

But that doesn't keep her from being sorely tempted to discover the secrets beyond the witches' forest. She meets a Mason, a gargoyle shifter--and enemy to her kind.

One risk changes it all...

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Jul 26, 2019

Feast of Reverence by Kathryn M Hearst


I'm not your typical vamp. I drink holy water for breakfast, and my boss runs the Vatican. But I’m more like you than you think. My relationship is in the crapper, and I’m asking myself the age old question… “Should I stay or should I go.”

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Compelling the mortals to forget they’d seen him entering the office came as second nature, stealing from his commander and owner of the gentlemen’s club went against everything Nicholai believed in—not to mention it could get him killed.
 “Christ, what am I doing?” Despite his shortcomings, he had a moral code that didn’t include stealing. “It’s a loan. I’ll put it back. Desperate times...”
Nicholai took ten stacks of bills with mustard yellow bands, the one-hundred grand he’d lost at the poker table. The cash weighed about two pounds, stood less than six inches tall, and had the capacity to change three lives.
The door opened behind him and a female gasped. Nicholai set the money inside and turned from the open safe, expecting to find one of the employees. A rush of adrenaline stuttered his heart when he met Serena’s eyes.
The woman took stock of the situation. Without a word, she locked the door, pulled her T-shirt over her head. Nicholai opened his mouth to speak, but she slammed against him, tugging his zipper with one hand and closing the safe with the other. 
Serena ripped his shirt open and pressed her lips to his almost violently. He grabbed her shoulders to push her away, convinced she’d lost her mind.
“What—” The look on her face tightened his throat. Fear? What the hell? “Serena?” 
She dropped to her knees and got down to business. 
Nicholai’s brain went blank for several heartbeats. He wrapped his fingers in her hair and urged her head back. Angry woman. Fangs. My favorite appendage. This isn’t wise.
She continued to work him as if her life depended on it.
“Stop, this is—”
The door opened. Lochlain went slack-jawed, his hand still on the knob.
Serena tensed, but kept at it, at him.
“Company.” Nicholai pulled her off him, but kept a hold on her shoulders to prevent her from turning and exposing herself to the bar owner.
She glanced over her shoulder and covered her chest. “Oh, my God.”
Lochlain lingered at the door as if searching for the appropriate words.
Nicholai knew the feeling. Hurricane Serena had flattened them both.
“I’ll be in the bar when you’re finished.” Lochlain closed the door.
Serena sprang to her feet and gathered her clothing.
“What the hell was that about?”
She put her finger to her lips and shook her head.
Realization hit Nicholai much later than it would have had she not dropped to her knees. He turned his head, unable to make eye-contact. She’d saved him from getting caught with his hand in the safe. “You saved my life.”
“Yes I did. Now zip up and get out of here before I strangle you.”

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Possessed by a Vampire by Susan Griscom


When one night of passion opens the door for a century of secrets to be revealed, Lily and Preston must fight for not only what they believe in but also what they love.

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“Make yourself at home.”
He didn’t need to ask me twice as I pulled off the very uncomfortable high-heeled boots I’d had on way too long and sank my toes into a plush, light tan area rug covering the dark wood flooring beneath a king-size bed. Preston headed to a small bar area and poured us a couple of drinks as I gave myself a quick tour. 
On the other side of the room, directly in front of the bed, was a soft brown leather sofa facing a large screen TV that hung on a blue wall above a stone fireplace. The other door in the room was a bathroom, and I peeked in to see a wide spa tub encircled by a bed of small, round stones. It too was drenched in blue light, floating down from above it. The shower was wide and open with a rain-shower sprayer at each end and multiple other showerheads across the ceiling. 
Press handed me a tumbler of something golden brown and I sniffed. Whiskey. 
“I love this suite. Did you decorate it?”
He grinned. “Yes. And I hired someone. Come, let’s sit.”
I followed him to another sofa. This one was cream-colored and soft and plush, though it had no backing, just high, comfy-looking side arms graced with several small pillows of different shades of blue. I was beginning to get the distinct feeling that blue was Preston’s favorite color, or maybe it was just because it all went together so well. We sat facing a large picture window all drenched in blue light beaming down from the ceiling, giving way to a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city lights of Tiburon across the bay. I couldn’t help but stare at the way the blue light changed the coloring of my hands and Preston’s face. It was very easy on the eyes, as well as romantic.
Press took a sip of his drink then set the glass down on the table beside him. “I was holding off asking what’s so important that you needed privacy, hoping you’d decide to start talking, but it seems you are either too wrapped up in my furnishings, or you’re scared to tell me. I’m guessing it’s the latter.”
He gently grabbed my hand, took the drink from my other one, and set it down, urging me closer to him. As I gazed into his dark eyes, a golden glow growing in them, I had a sad thought that this might be the last time I ever got a chance to be with him. Taking a chance like this was just too dangerous and I never knew when Dorian or his watchdogs would discover my whereabouts. But here we were now, alone in a bedroom made for romance and this was an opportunity I shouldn’t waste. 
I’d spent too many years being afraid of the consequences of my actions and there was no one I’d rather defy Dorian with than Preston.  
“I don’t want to talk,” I said and leaned in to kiss him. He didn’t miss a beat and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer. He took over, and as my lips parted, welcoming him, he slipped his tongue in. Taking me, possessing me the way I wanted to be possessed. With affection, desire, and an undertone of urgency neither of us could deny. I didn’t feel owned or branded as someone’s belonging with Preston. I didn’t feel as if I were with him out of obligation to protect someone else. I just enjoyed him . . . this to the fullest. Every touch, every kiss was new. The sensations he brought to life inside of me made me realize what it felt like to live. Preston made me feel alive again. The realization, the feeling of being fully desired took over completely, and I clenched my legs together as heat gathered at my core. 
“Are you sure, Lily?” Preston broke the kiss to ask as he trailed small, quick kisses down my neck and over the tops of my breasts.
“Yes. I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life.”
“I’ve needed to touch you for so long. I’m not sure I could stop now.”
His mouth caressed mine again; his tongue sliding over my lips in a sensual glide before slipping into my mouth. His kiss sent scorching heat through my veins. His hand roamed my thigh and moved up. The beat of my heart quickened and pounded against my chest. Or was that his? Maybe it was both. Two hearts beating as one.

Jul 24, 2019

Captive of the Wolf Pack by Liv Brywood


Our forbidden love will spark a war…

War is coming to Bonfire Falls. There’s nothing I can do to stop it. Falling in love with three shifters could mean punishment by death, but it's a risk I'm willing to take because love is the strongest magic of all. 

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Rogue Star Series by Elin Wyn


Get the first three books of the steamy science fiction romance series readers are calling ""epic!"" and ""fantastic!""

It all starts with a bang... Our rescuers are giant, golden skinned aliens... And their rogue of a captain seems very interested in the little human commander -- me.

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Loving Their Vixen Mate by Vella Day

99¢ SALE

The hunt begins... Wolf shifter, Mackenzie Wagner, will stop at nothing to find her missing cousin. But guess what? Werewolf cousins, Brandon and Sam, are also looking for her. When they realize Mackenzie is their mate, they vow to protect her. Too bad that’s a lot harder than they realized. 

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Jul 22, 2019

Twin Moon Ranch Series by Anna Lowe


Twin Moon Ranch: home to a pack of shapeshifting wolves willing to battle for life and love. With rogues, vampires, and human incursions threatening the pack and their mates, the Hawthorne clan has trouble, guaranteed.  Come meet the hottest wolves in the West, in this spellbinding, award-winning series of paranormal romance.

“When you pick up a book written by Anna Lowe it will be something different - in a great way.”

"As with every book by Anna Lowe, this book flows with a poetry of words so well put together is sucks you into the story, you can feel the characters emotions you can smell the desert air."

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Save $$$ and get the first 4 books in Anna Lowe's Twin Moon Ranch series while they’re on sale.

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~ prequel ~ FURRREE ~

Rae has a secret — one she can’t allow any wolf pack to discover. But with an old enemy hot on her heels, she has no option but to trust Zack, the man from the wrong side of the tracks. 

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~ book 1 ~ FURRREE ~

Ty Hawthorne puts duty above everything — even the overwhelming instinct that says Lana’s the one. She’s the Juliet to his Romeo: forbidden. And with a pack of poaching rogues closing in, it’s hardly the time to yield to his desires...

~ book 2 ~ 99¢ ~

Heather Luth knows nothing about the paranormal world until one awful night changes everything. Now she’s on the run - straight into the arms of forbidden love.

~ book 3 ~ $1.99 ~

Stefanie Alt is a woman on the run, and fate is hot on her heels. The only one who can help her is the neighborhood bad boy she once knew. But even after one hot night under the desert moon, Stefanie isn’t sure she can trust him—or herself.

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Wolf Pack Follow Me...

Jul 18, 2019

Naughty Wolf by Aidy Award


Kosta Troika has to betray everything he believes in, if he's going to save his pack. He'll do whatever it takes. He never expected the sweet, sassy girl next door with curves he's had a very naughty crush on for years would fight  to save him.

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"Do you think I will, turn into a werewolf?"

"You did get dragged into my world pretty abruptly and I wish I could do this all over again. The truth is, I don't know. Until Maxy and Gal, wolves didn't mate humans. I don't think any one is sure what all the effects and consequences are or will be. There aren't rules or rituals that go with taking a human as a mate. " He seemed to be apologizing, but then a flash went though his eyes and he lit up with a smile.

He bolted off the bed and rooted around the room, looking for something. He grabbed her bag off the lone little desk and dumped it out. "Aha."

He lifted an open bag of really old chocolate covered pretzels she'd completely forgotten were in there. Strange thing to get excited about. "If you need a snack, I can knock on Mariya's door. She probably still has some madeleines left."

Kosta rooted through the plastic bag and pulled a pretzel out that had lost its criss-cross insides and was now a sad lumpy oval. "Perfect."

Not really. Where was he going with this? Chocolate covered pretzels were one of the world's most perfect snack foods, salty and sweet, just like her and Kosta. Aww. 

She doubted his mind had come up with the same analogy. Guys brains didn't do stuff like that.

He dragged her up off the bed and then to her complete surprise, went down on one knee. Sunbursts popped into her vision and a butterfly took up residence in her chest where her heart was supposed to be. "What are you doing?" 

"Heli, I haven't done things right with you from the beginning. I'm not even doing this right, but I'm trying." He looked at her with that gorgeous smile, the swirl of purple in his eyes, and so much love that the whole room swelled with it. Or maybe that was just her heart.

"I swear to to spend the rest of my life making you happy if you'll let me. I don't know what's going to happen when I mark you and make you mine, and I can't wait to find out. I want you to be my mate and I want you to be my wife. Will you mate and marry me?" He held out the pretzel like the most precious of engagement rings, picked a tiny bit of fuzz off of it and gave her a lopsided grin. "I promise if we live through the next few days, I'll buy you the biggest and most beautiful ring in the world."

Her throat squeezed with all the emotions bubbling up and out of her soul for him. She laughed and nodded and cried to shake them all out. "I don't care if you put a chicken nugget, or a donut hole, or an onion ring on my finger. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you. Yes, I'll marry you and mate you and all the other m-words we can think of that mean being together."

Kosta slid the chocolate pretzel onto her finger and she didn't even wait for it to go all the way on before she pulled him up to kiss him forever and ever. They slid back down onto the bed and wrapped themselves around each other.

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Jul 16, 2019

Cupid's Light by Tami Lund

99¢ SALE

Adora Adone is a hapless Cupid with a lousy track record. This is her last chance: find shifter Matt Tigre a mate -- or lose her wings. 

Except Matt isn’t interested in another shifter. Now the Cupid, on the other hand... When she said she was there to find him a mate, she should have been more specific.

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Ignite by Lisa Carlisle


We all have secrets. Some so closely guarded for the safety of ourselves--and others...

He's a computer geek by day, and rock star by night. How could she resist such a combination She can't--but must keep an emotional distance. No one would understand her furry little secret.

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Rochelle Paige - giveaway


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Jul 12, 2019

The Hidden Court by Vivienne Savage


When half-fae Skylar's freshman year begins, it doesn't take long to discover her new magical academy has serious issues with vampires. Thankfully, a hot wereraven from the infamous night class is willing to take her underwing with private martial arts lessons. And since nothing is tastier than fae blood, Sky needs every advantage she can get...

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The Empress by Rochelle Paige


Being an unmatched warlock serving as the head of a coven wasn't easy. The need for a feminine touch to help preserve harmony among his witches only made Warren Ainsley long for his fated consort more than usual...until she finally showed up in the local diner. Only she had no idea magic existed.

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I couldn’t have been more wrong when I told my mom this morning that I wasn’t going to knock up the next woman I met. Then again, I hadn’t expected to find my consort sitting in a booth when I walked into the diner to grab a sandwich and coffee before the lunch crowd came in. First, there had been an overwhelming punch of lust when I saw her. That was enough for me to figure out who she was to me. Then I felt the mark as it appeared on my wrist, and that clinched it. I’d finally found my consort.

She was fucking gorgeous, with jet black hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and dainty features. She was sitting down, with the table hiding most of her body, but I had a great view of her perfect tits. When I slid into the booth across from her, I could tell she was tiny compared to me. And super confused.

“Consort mark?” Her lips pressed together in a flat line as she rubbed at her wrist again, hard enough to leave a red spot behind. 

I reached out and wrapped my fingers around her hand before she could do any more damage to herself. “Like I said, it’s never going to come off.” 

“I don’t understand.” She shook her head in confusion. “I don’t have any ink. How did this get on my wrist?” She looked down at the empty bowl in front of her. “Was there something in my soup?” Her gaze darted out the window, and she looked up at the sky. “It’s still Wednesday, right? A little after eleven?”

I answered her questions in reverse from how she’d asked them. “It’s eleven fifteen. Still Wednesday. There wasn’t anything in your soup. You weren’t drugged, and you didn’t lose any time.”

Her blue eyes burned bright as she leaned forward and hissed, “You skipped the most important part! How did this tattoo show up on my wrist?”

She jerked her hand out of my hold, but not before I felt the searing heat of her skin as her temperature spiked. Then I heard Lou, who owned diner, cry out in alarm. When I looked over my shoulder towards the pass-through window into the kitchen, he was blowing out a tall flame that had sparked up from the grill. If he wasn’t an air warlock, he would have needed to grab a fire extinguisher to put out the flame. 

Trusting him to handle the situation, I shifted my focus back to the woman sitting across from me. My consort—who, based on her confusion about the mark on her wrist, didn’t seem to know anything about how the magic world worked. And yet I was almost certain her anger was the cause of the flame on the grill. 

Was my consort a witch with no inkling of her powers? The flame tattoo on my wrist sure as fuck seemed to indicate that she was a fire witch. “What do you know about magic?”

“Magic?” she echoed, her brow wrinkling. “Like David Copperfield?”

Fuck. Not only did my consort not know she was a fire witch; she wasn’t even aware that real magic existed in the world. “No, he didn’t have any actual magic. He was an illusionist.”

“Then I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Her blue eyes narrowed. “Are you really going to try to convince me that some kind of magic put this tattoo on my wrist?”

Having spent my entire life in Ashburn, it was sometimes easy to forget that everyone didn’t know about witches, warlocks, and magic. Unlike in many other parts of the world, magic wasn’t a secret here. It was hard to hide so many witches and warlocks in such a tight-knit community, especially when the children of our coven grew up alongside kids from families without any magic.

The only times we had to hide our powers in Ashburn were when outsiders were in town. The woman sitting across from me might be a newcomer, but she was in no way an outsider. Not when she the consort of the High Priest of the Ainsley coven.

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