Jul 26, 2019

Possessed by a Vampire by Susan Griscom


When one night of passion opens the door for a century of secrets to be revealed, Lily and Preston must fight for not only what they believe in but also what they love.

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“Make yourself at home.”
He didn’t need to ask me twice as I pulled off the very uncomfortable high-heeled boots I’d had on way too long and sank my toes into a plush, light tan area rug covering the dark wood flooring beneath a king-size bed. Preston headed to a small bar area and poured us a couple of drinks as I gave myself a quick tour. 
On the other side of the room, directly in front of the bed, was a soft brown leather sofa facing a large screen TV that hung on a blue wall above a stone fireplace. The other door in the room was a bathroom, and I peeked in to see a wide spa tub encircled by a bed of small, round stones. It too was drenched in blue light, floating down from above it. The shower was wide and open with a rain-shower sprayer at each end and multiple other showerheads across the ceiling. 
Press handed me a tumbler of something golden brown and I sniffed. Whiskey. 
“I love this suite. Did you decorate it?”
He grinned. “Yes. And I hired someone. Come, let’s sit.”
I followed him to another sofa. This one was cream-colored and soft and plush, though it had no backing, just high, comfy-looking side arms graced with several small pillows of different shades of blue. I was beginning to get the distinct feeling that blue was Preston’s favorite color, or maybe it was just because it all went together so well. We sat facing a large picture window all drenched in blue light beaming down from the ceiling, giving way to a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city lights of Tiburon across the bay. I couldn’t help but stare at the way the blue light changed the coloring of my hands and Preston’s face. It was very easy on the eyes, as well as romantic.
Press took a sip of his drink then set the glass down on the table beside him. “I was holding off asking what’s so important that you needed privacy, hoping you’d decide to start talking, but it seems you are either too wrapped up in my furnishings, or you’re scared to tell me. I’m guessing it’s the latter.”
He gently grabbed my hand, took the drink from my other one, and set it down, urging me closer to him. As I gazed into his dark eyes, a golden glow growing in them, I had a sad thought that this might be the last time I ever got a chance to be with him. Taking a chance like this was just too dangerous and I never knew when Dorian or his watchdogs would discover my whereabouts. But here we were now, alone in a bedroom made for romance and this was an opportunity I shouldn’t waste. 
I’d spent too many years being afraid of the consequences of my actions and there was no one I’d rather defy Dorian with than Preston.  
“I don’t want to talk,” I said and leaned in to kiss him. He didn’t miss a beat and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer. He took over, and as my lips parted, welcoming him, he slipped his tongue in. Taking me, possessing me the way I wanted to be possessed. With affection, desire, and an undertone of urgency neither of us could deny. I didn’t feel owned or branded as someone’s belonging with Preston. I didn’t feel as if I were with him out of obligation to protect someone else. I just enjoyed him . . . this to the fullest. Every touch, every kiss was new. The sensations he brought to life inside of me made me realize what it felt like to live. Preston made me feel alive again. The realization, the feeling of being fully desired took over completely, and I clenched my legs together as heat gathered at my core. 
“Are you sure, Lily?” Preston broke the kiss to ask as he trailed small, quick kisses down my neck and over the tops of my breasts.
“Yes. I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life.”
“I’ve needed to touch you for so long. I’m not sure I could stop now.”
His mouth caressed mine again; his tongue sliding over my lips in a sensual glide before slipping into my mouth. His kiss sent scorching heat through my veins. His hand roamed my thigh and moved up. The beat of my heart quickened and pounded against my chest. Or was that his? Maybe it was both. Two hearts beating as one.