Aug 27, 2019

How I Met My Husband by Tami Lund

I love to tell the story of how my husband and I met, because it’s practically a romance novel in itself (although I’ll try to keep it to a short story level here).

Once upon a time, he graduated with a history degree, which lends itself to approximately three career choices, none of which interested him when he was twenty-two. Fast-forward nine years, and he went to broadcasting school, because he’d finally figured out what he wanted to do with his life. I happened to attend his graduation ceremony because one of my best friends had also returned to broadcasting school after college.

At the time, I was living in Louisiana, working in public relations for a nonprofit organization. My family and the friend who was graduating from broadcasting school all lived in Michigan, so I burned my two weeks of vacation to go visit everybody.

I went to the graduation after party with my girlfriend and her brother, and her brother and I sat at a table in the corner and proceeded to put back drinks, while my gf flitted around dancing and chatting with her buddies. After a while, she came rushing up to our table and said, “See that guy out on the dance floor? He wants to know if you’re interested in a one-night stand!”

Sidebar: This is the conversation my husband insists actually happened:

“Hey Lisa, who’s that hot blond with your brother? Is that his girlfriend?”
“No, that’s my friend. She lives in Louisiana.”
“Oh, too bad. Maybe she’s into one-night stands.” (Cue laughter, because he was trying to be funny.)

I, naturally, even though I wasn’t remotely put off by one-night stands, decided to act affronted... So I headed out to the dance floor to flirt with him. We danced. And talked. And danced. At some point in the evening, he fed me cheesecake, and I was a goner.

The next day, I met his parents and introduced myself as their future daughter-in-law. We discussed bridesmaids and groomsmen for our wedding. I met his best friend, who had to approve because my husband apparently had a history of dating poor quality women.

We had an actual date. And then we proceeded to spend every single day of my two-week vacation together. As I prepared to go home to Louisiana, I casually mentioned that the general manager of the local Fox affiliate was a member of my board of directors. You know, in case he was looking for a job. So he gave me his demo tape and I went home, and we decided to try out this whole long-distance relationship concept.

For a minute.

Until a month later, when he flew down to Louisiana for an interview, landed the job, and gave two weeks’ notice at his current gig. And then moved in with me.

Yep. Six weeks after we met, we were living together. Six months later, I had an engagement ring on my finger. Six months after that, we said our vows and were officially married. That was twenty years ago.

I like to tease my husband and tell him this is the longest one-night stand ever.

~Tami Lund, romance author, award winner, wine drinker, happily ever after survivor

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