Sep 16, 2019

Bearly Hanging On by Krystal Shannan


A sexy adventure that’s got thrills (and wild romps!) around every corner, Bearly Hanging On is the third book in the scintillating Soulmate Shifters in Mystery, Alaska series. If you like paranormal romance featuring protective bear shifters who love pleasuring and defending their women, then what are you waiting for?

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Chapter One

May in Mystery, Alaska…

“I smell you, reptile,” Owen Di’Brahth growled, sinking his ax into another log and splitting it cleanly in half. A gust of icy wind kicked up loose snow and sent it swirling past his face, filling the air with the scent of fir trees and dragon—a unique combination of sweet and sharp nature mixed with smoke and sulfur. “Might as well come out and speak your piece.”

Col stepped from behind the thicket of evergreen and lasered his gaze. “I told you to stay away from her, aonkan.” His voice cut through the crisp morning air like a sharp claw through hide, slicing exactly where he wanted it too—Owen’s soul.

Owen’s blood heated and his stomach churned. He hated that word. Aonkan. Outcast. He grimaced and held back the angry retort hanging on the edge of his tongue like a blade ready to drop. Col didn’t have to call him that word. But Owen didn’t have to call Col a reptile either.

Turnabout was fair play.

Owen pushed the two split pieces of wood off the stump and placed a fresh log in its place. Of course, Col was here to warn him away from Tara. Again. Why else would a royal from the House of Li’Vhram deign him with his presence?

No one would’ve guessed the man standing no more than ten feet away could shift into a dragon bigger than a Mack truck and trailer, but he could. Col Li’Vhram was big in human form too. As tall as Owen. Just as broad. And those fiery eyes of Col’s when the magick surfaced were scary as fuck. No one survived dragon fire. Not that Owen wasn’t willing to go down in a blaze of glory, if that’s what it took to keep Tara safe.

He would.

Check prices before you buy.