Sep 20, 2019

Bewitching the Dragon by Tami Lund


Her job: Save the world.
His job: Don't tell her she's supposed to save the world. 
Complicated? You betcha. 

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“Excuse me,” he said, tapping on the wood bar top next to her hand. 
She twisted on her stool and looked up at him with wideset, blue eyes. If he thought the view from the side was nice, the view from the front was…wow.
She wore a spaghetti strap dress that showed off a lot of bronze skin, including some seriously long legs. Her feet were wrapped in high-heeled sandals that made Rahu suspect he may have suddenly developed a shoe fetish. But then his gaze traveled back up her body and no, it wasn’t just a shoe fetish. 
She was the hottest human woman he’d ever come across in his life. 
“Uh…” Although his dragon was urging him to lean toward her, be so bold as to slide his arm around her shoulders even though she had no idea who he was and would probably scream or taser him or call over that huge bouncer sitting by the door, Rahu leaned back. The action caused him to damn near fall off his stool, and Rebecca—yep, it was definitely her—reached out and grabbed his arm like she meant to steady him. 
A jolt of electricity shot through his limb. 
She jerked her hand away.
“Sorry,” she said, like she’d done something wrong, but he was too busy still staring at the place on his arm where her skin had come into contact with his.
“Holy shit, you aren’t…” Human. She wasn’t human. Humans didn’t make magic flare like that. Humans didn’t even know magic existed. 
Rebecca gave him an uncertain smile. “I’m not what?”
Rahu glanced at her friend, who was peering over her shoulder, studying him. She definitely looked human, but then again, so did Rebecca. Not that most supernatural creatures, to the naked eye, didn’t look human; it was just…there was something about them, some sort of aura they let off, that told others what they were.
Except Rebecca didn’t have that aura. Yet that zap of electricity was definitely otherworldly.
He reached out and brushed his fingers along the skin of her arm. This time he could actually see tiny sparks trail in the wake of his touch.
“Holy gods, what are you?” 
She laughed nervously while glancing over her shoulder at her friend. “Um, just a girl, sitting at a bar, waiting for the band to start playing. What are you?” 
“That’s it?” He canted his head, trying to figure out if she was being coy for her friend’s sake, or if… “Wait. You don’t know.”
How was that possible? How was a supernatural being even born without realizing what they were? 
But he recalled last fall, Petra had told him Rebecca didn’t know the baby she’d been taking care of was a dragon. And she sure looked plenty confused right now. Plus, if she knew what she was, she’d know he was a dragon, wouldn’t she?
“Have you ever heard of dragons?” he asked, watching closely for signs of recognition. 
“Is that another band?”
She waved at the makeshift stage set up in front of the windows overlooking Royal Street. “The band tonight is called Warlocks of War.” 
“Catchy,” he muttered.
“They’re really good,” her friend said, and then she thrust her arm over Rebecca’s shoulder. “I’m Charlotte.”
He shook her hand. Nothing. No sparks, no electricity. Just a firm grip. Charlotte was 100 percent human.
“And this is Becca,” she added.
“Becca,” he repeated, turning his focus to the most definitely not-human blonde who, now that he was really paying attention, he could suddenly tell was something.
What the hell? That aura had definitely not been there five minutes ago. Not until she’d grabbed his arm.
“And you are…?” Charlotte prompted.
“Rahu Volos,” he said automatically.
“Cool name,” Becca said. “Does it have a special meaning?”
Was she kidding? “Rahu means head of the dragon.” 
She smiled, but it wasn’t a sly, I know what you are smile. It was more of a, Oh, that’s really cool smile. 
“You really don’t know?” he asked, staring at her.

Check prices before you buy.