Sep 5, 2019

Taming the Alpha Beast - The Box Set by Sedona Venez


If you like dark magic, powerful women, steamy love scenes, heart-pounding romance, and piles of sexy shifter secrets, then you'll love this adventure-packed shifter romance box set!

Inside this adventure-packed shifter romance box set: 4 shifter romance books with explosive chemistry:

** Breaking the Storm
** When Lightning Strikes
** Taming the Beast
** Reason to Love"

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“Stop that,” Reason whispered. 
“Stop what?” I cut into my steak before shoving it into my mouth.
“Looking at me like you want to spread me across this table and fuck me like a recently released prisoner.” She exhaled loudly. “You don’t find me attractive, shifter. You despise the vampire blood running through my veins because of what happened to your mate and unborn child. I get it.”
“Quite the opposite, Reason.” I swallowed hard. “I find everything about you to be sheer perfection.”
“Except for the fact that I’m a vampire.” 
My heart thudded at the sultry smokiness of her voice.
“It’s complicated.”
She scowled. “Then explain it to me like I’m a fucking two-year-old.”
I growled impatiently. How can I verbalize my greatest fear? That I spent years avoiding relationships and any romantic attachments because I was terrified of loving so deeply again? That I couldn’t take another mate because those vampire fuckers who murdered Josie and my child were waiting and watching for the opportune time to climb out of the darkness and snatch my happiness and mate away from me… again? That I spent so many years crawling in and out of bed with one woman after another with not a care in the world because I knew there was no chance of ever finding another possible mate? 
Until I’d met her.

Check prices before you buy.