Oct 16, 2019

Wings of Vengeance Duology by Catherine Banks

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~ book 1 ~

While locked away for a minor crime, Jenecca’s kin are attacked and slaughtered before she can break free to rescue them. The only Vengeance who remains is herself.

Now, Jenecca must battle not only against the slayer of her kin, but against her heart and the ticking clock on her revenge.

~ book 2 ~ NEW ~

Jenecca and her mates are thrown into a new dimension—except this time someone wants her consorts. Axel and Leonel, her fearless dragon shifters. Lucius, her jokester minotaur. And Lyklor, a cheerful elf that brings a smile to her face are all pieces of her heart.

No one is getting their hands on her consorts—but when they are targeted by an awakened god, Jenecca must sacrifice a piece of herself that makes her a Vengeance.