Jul 9, 2020

Redemption by Valerie Twombly


Decker's life shatters when he's turned into a vampire. A deal with an archangel promises redemption, but the terms are unacceptable. 

Emma's gift for helping others is exactly what the team needs for survival, but she finds herself longing for a man who promises to break her heart. Emma is changing and without her fated mate, she may not survive.

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“Whoa, you’re a damn vampire!” The girl struggled against Decker’s grip. “Let me go!”
“Be still. Answer my questions and no one gets hurt.” He’d still not taken his focus off Emma and it did something to her. Reminded her what he was. A product of something she still didn’t understand. She’d lived with vampires for several months and had grown complacent. They were all lethal and capable of killing any one of the humans there in a matter of seconds.
Emma needed to keep her perspective and remember what had happened to the world. It was no longer safe for anyone who was still human. How long before her species was gone completely? 
A terrifying, high-pitched screech ripped across the room and echoed off the concrete walls. Would the terrors of their new world never end?

Check prices before you buy.