Jun 20, 2019

Featured Read: Stolen by the Fae


I'm a trained assassin. Enlisted by the Fae Corps and instructed to kill, there is no place in my life for a fated mate. Then Gia crashes into my life.  Flashing eyes,  luscious lips that beg to be kissed. One whiff of her sugary scent and I know she is MINE.  But she's human, and no way can she withstand the barbaric mating practices of the Fae...

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“Your ears.” I gulp. “They are pointed at the tips.”


“So they weren’t before.”

“No, that only happens when I am aroused. As does this." He peels back his lips, and his canines drop.

Fear tugs my nerves. Anticipation stretches my skin.

“You are Fae?”

He jerks his chin.

 “And, ah, are you…aroused now?”

"What do you think?" His lips draw up in a smirk.

"I think, you need to finish what you started." What the hell? Am I really doing this? Baiting this male? Trying to push him over the edge?

He lowers his head and closes his teeth around the side of my throat. The sharp tips of his canines graze my skin without breaking the surface.

The gesture is so animalistic, so feral, desire twists my gut. My thighs clench. Maybe, I don’t want him to control himself. Maybe I just want him to take me before I come to my senses and realize everything about this scene is wrong.

His palm squeezes my breast, and I moan.

With his other hand, he rams a finger into my pussy, and I can't stop the whine that dribbles from my lips.

He licks the skin he’s marked, then rubs his cheek against mine. Moves in close enough for me to feel his chest muscles flex under his shirt.

That scent of him is everywhere around me, sinking into me. I want more. Much more. My head falls back on his chest.

He adds another finger to the first, shoving it into me. He drags his fingertip over the walls of my wet channel.

I cry out.

 Shivers of heat flutter down my back, and my arms and legs tingle.

 “I am going to make you orgasm so hard you’ll forget anyone and anything who came before me.”

The sound of his voice arrows straight to my core. More moisture flows out from between my thighs.

He adds a third finger and thrusts the digits in and out, then all the way in. He curves his fingers, even as he brings his other hand to the curve of my waist; he applies enough pressure, so I lean my waist forward. My butt twitches.

His fingers slip in deeper, hitting a spot inside me that I didn’t even know existed.

My thigh muscles clench, my toes curl. Every pore in my body seems to pop.

I thrash my head to the side and brush against his neck. The scent of him fills my nose, and I draw in his essence. It’s harsh yet filled with that edge of sex, just like him. Heat gallops up my veins. I can’t stop myself from flicking out my tongue and dragging it over his skin.

I feel his breath catch, feel his big body brace, feel all the planes of his chest go solid. His arousal digs into the curve of my waist. I want…need more…something more.

As if sensing the restlessness gathering inside me, he pushes his body into mine and covers my smaller frame.

 His pelvis cradles my butt, his hard chest covers my back, and his fingers, those wicked fingers continue their assault on my channel. I sense him widen his stance, moving his legs apart as if to better hold up the weight of my body. The thick length of his shaft strains his pants and throbs against my butt. I am surrounded by this stranger, wallowing in his heat.

 My head spins. My throat goes dry, and I want more. Much more.

A low growl rumbles up his chest. “You are so fucking responsive, like no female I’ve ever met before.”

His voice sweeps aside the fog in my mind. Reminding me once more that I need to leave before it’s too late.

I turn my head to tell him just that, when he tilts his head and closes his lips over mine.

"★★★★★Reading this book is like burning in flames of passion, lust, and danger. A turbulent race to an explosive climax." 

Check prices before you buy.