Jun 17, 2019

Featured Read: Claimed by Her Two Alphas


If you love riveting storytelling, sensual alpha shifters, and paranormal romance that never quits, then you’ll love this complete 3-Book Shifter Paranormal Romance box set!

 Inside this box set collection: 3 mfm shifter romance books that are ALL about her - no m/m.

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“You didn’t turn around.” I looked up at Jackson, tracing a wet finger along the stubble on one cheek. 

 “I’m sure as hell glad we didn’t.” Dane’s deep voice was very close to my ear, and I looked at him over my shoulder. “I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that for anything.”

 “Well, I’m happy to have made your day.” All that feminine power was melding with the fire they’d lit before, and there was nothing more I wanted to do now than take this further, to explore and touch and give in.

 “Sadie…” My name on Jackson’s lips was heaven. “Sadie, we just want to make sure you’re ready.”

 “Oh, hell yes, I’m ready. I know you’re sharing—or I’m sharing, or being shared—and I know you don’t want to rush things. But frankly, I’m tired of waiting. I’ve been ready. And you’ve been ready. And I don’t think there’s any more reason to wait.”

 There was a beat of silence, and then Dane’s laugh was tickling my hair and his lips were on my ear. “Then, by all means, let’s do as the lady says.”

 And they did do as I said. Jackson caught my lips in a kiss that was primal and wild and beyond words. He tasted of the berries he’d eaten, and I flicked my tongue over his lips, suddenly aching for the feel of his against mine. I was instantly rewarded, and our tongues danced between our mouths.

Check prices before you buy.