Nov 14, 2019

Mastered: Teagan by Krystal Shannan


Self-deprecating and guilt-ridden she-wolf, Teagan Rourke, has been to hell and back. Now, all she wants is agony to reinforce what she already knows–she doesn't deserve happiness. Frequenting Castle, a local BDSM club, and succumbing to a sadist's wishes is the only “happily ever after” she's looking for. And all the magick in Sanctuary won't change her mind.

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Luck of the Draw Night was supposed to be the best way to get matched up with a new Dom. Rumors that Fae dust played a role in the matching circulated through the town’s gossip mill. She wasn’t looking for any type of long-term commitment, but curiosity had won out over her normal antisocial behavior.
Teagan walked past several men from the pack in town. They ignored her, continuing to go on among themselves about the latest military news from the border. She didn’t expect attention from them. She kept to herself in town and preferred to do the same in the club. The last thing she needed was some male thinking he could fix her. Or claim her.
All she needed was a Dom with a nice sadistic streak. Pain was her game. It had been since she’d lost everything she held dear in her life. If it weren’t for the efforts of the Lycan Underground, she wouldn’t even be alive. Sometimes she wondered if it would’ve been better that way.
She followed a couple of leather-clad women out into the garden courtyard.
“Welcome, friends. Please put your name in the hat. We will draw matches in ten minutes. Remember that just because you put your name in the hat doesn’t mean you will be matched.” A beautiful pixie with long, snow-white hair sat on a stool in the center of the courtyard. She held a black satin top hat and was clothed in a lacy merlot-colored dress that didn’t leave anything to the viewer’s imagination. She practically shimmered with magick, from her sparkling eyes to the ethereal glow of her skin beneath the red of the lace.
It wasn’t a secret that Teagan frequented the Castle. Or that she chose to play with sadists who would make sure the only thing she focused on was the pain they inflicted instead of the pain she kept locked away in her mind.
She glanced around the courtyard, looking for her usual Dom, but Javier was nowhere to be found. The vampire was one of her favorite partners. He was willing to give her what she asked for. Lately though, he’d been avoiding her. So here she was, trying to find a replacement. She needed a Dom… a Master. The security of having someone else telling her what was going to happen, taking all those choices off her plate, was the only thing that kept her going right now.
Walking forward, she took a slip of paper and a pencil from the pixie. After writing her name on the paper, she folded it in half and dropped it into the hat.
The pixie smiled and took the pencil back from her. “Good luck tonight, Teagan.”
Teagan smiled and stepped back from the center of the courtyard. Several tough-looking Doms were standing to her left. One of the particularly handsome ones smiled at her. His scent filtered across the open space—Lycan.
She moved away quickly, trying to put some distance between herself and the interested male. Lycans were bossy and territorial—she should know. An exclusive relationship was the last thing she needed right now. That pixie better not match me with a wolf. She hadn’t met a Lycan Dom yet that liked to keep things un-exclusive.
She scanned the courtyard again.
They were all wolves.
No. This wasn’t going to work. She shouldn’t be here.

Check prices before you buy.